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I see that I must reside outside the United States for 6 months of the year. Is the US Virgin Islands considered outside the US?


Yes! Only the 50 United States (including Hawaii and Alaska) is considered inside US.


Do I have to be a US citizen to be eligible for the LIFEBOAT Medical Plan?


No! You can be a citizen of any country in the world and be eligible for this coverage.


Do I have to take a physical exam to qualify for insurance?


No! However, you must complete the application in full and answer the few health questions. Occasionally the underwriter will request additional information from you or sometimes you may have to get information from your doctor.


How long will the application process take? How soon will I know if I am accepted for the coverage?


Once I receive your application, I submit it to the underwriter at the company that very day. If additional information is required, I will notify you immediately by phone/fax or email. Once all information is received I will get an answer from the company in 2-3 days. When I receive the decision from the underwriter, I will notify you of their decision and confirm your requested effective date of coverage. At that time I will then charge your credit card or cash your personal check for payment.


Do I get anything to verify that I have coverage?


Absolutely! After you are accepted, the insurance company prepares your personal identification card(s), Policy Certificate and Claim forms. I will mail all items to you at the mailing address you indicate on your application within approximately 2 weeks.


Do I have to live on a boat to be eligible?


No! Absolutely not. Anyone in the world is eligible to apply. The only restriction is that you must spend at least 6 months of the policy year outside of the continental United States. Other than that, you are covered 24 hours a day, anywhere in the world.


Why is it called LIFEBOAT Medical Plan if I don't have to have a boat?


The Plan was originally started for the members of the Charter Yacht Society in the British Virgin Islands. They had no health insurance available that they felt really covered their needs and protected them worldwide.

With 10 years of experience with various worldwide health insurance plans, Kuffel, Collimore & Co. put together this exclusive plan for the CYS members and named it LIFEBOAT Medical Plan. They quickly realized that with such a terrific plan of insurance, why not share it with anyone else who needs health insurance. People living anywhere in the world could participate and enjoy the benefits of this health insurance. It was decided to allow any eligible applicants to join CYS at the minimal membership of $25 per year and therefore, become eligible to apply.


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